North Alabama Security, LLC

AESBL #1417


~~Honeywell Systems Vista 15p - Residential Hardwire system Lynx 5100 - Residential Wireless system Vista 20p - Residential and Small Commercial system Cell unit (wireless communication add on) GSMx 4g - communicator for system when home phones are not installed Keypads 6150 - standard keypad 6160 - alpha keypad Tuxedo Touch - touch screen keypad Type your paragraph here.

~~Some of Our Basic Packages! ALL Packages come with a Lifetime Warranty while under contract! Monitoring Rates Start @ $25.95 a month. • Basic Install with home phones Starting @ $99, includes control panel, three doors, two sirens and keypad. • Pre Wiring Wiring your home during the building process allows for a more cost effecient way of including all the items you would like protected. Our rates start off at $325 for a full security prewire. Contact us for details. • Trim Out Package with home phones Starts @ $199 with a pre-wired home. (The home does not have to be prewired by us.) Includes all doors and windows; control panel, keypad, and two sirens. • Wireless Package Our wireless systems are an all in one unit that allow for easy installations. In situations such as a home that is not pre-wired for security and can not have wires ran we would use such a system. These packages start @ $350for a basic, which is the panel/keypad, four wireless contacts for either doors or windows, and a motion. • Home Audio and Video We offer a lot of home entertainment options. We can mount tvs, install recessed speakers, hang patio speakers, and just about anything thing else that you may want. Inquire today to find out if we can meet your needs. Also ask about the extra savings for our monitored security customers. No Home Phone? No problem! We offer cell units with monitoring rates starting @ $34.95 a month. Want To Control Your System via your Smart phone?!?!? Then Check out what Total Connect Can do for You!! All of our security Packages include yard signs, stickers and a Lifetime Warranty. Lifetime Warranty requires a contract and a $50 co-pay after the first year.